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  •   rape drawingse slut was already hot and ready, and no one had touched her yet. He thought she was so beautiful this way; face bright red and body trembling. Ok slut, turn around and show them that tight little asshole of yours. He saw her take a slow ragged breath, but she quickly turned around and bent at the waist. She reached back, grabbing an ass cheek in each hand. He could see her face clearly now, eyes screwed shut, he could tell she was struggling not cry. Open your eyes pet. She opened her eyes and he could see her shame and arousement clearly. Whatever she saw in his face caused her to shiver and moan loudly. He noticed with pleasure that she still had the leash tightly in her mouth. He motioned for his boss to approach her. The man walked up to her and took the leash from her mouth, leading her towards a table in the middle of the room. She looked back at Him, pleading with her eyes. He just smiled. She was instructed to sit on the table legs spread wide so they could get a better look. rape drawings She sat on the table with her legs spread wide, leash forgotten and hanging down between her breasts. She bit her lip softly as the men started to gather around her. Hands reached out and touched her everywhere. They caressed and pinched her nipples. Hands ran over her thighs and pussy lips, rubbed her ass hole, and pinched her ass. It felt wonderful to have so many hands touching and caressing her. She threw her head back moaning loudly as a finger entered her pussy. The hands left her abruptly and something was placed on her stomach. She looked down and saw a huge dildo laying on her. Come on bitch, one of the men told her, fuck yourself, and make yourself cum for us. She just stared for second. She couldn“t masturbate herself here, in front of all these men. That would be too humiliating. She turned her head and saw Master staring intently at her from the corner. She could not disappoint him. She picked up the dildo and opened her mouth wide. She slid the dildo as far into her mou
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    rape drawings th as she could, getting it wet, although she knew her cunt needed no lubrication. The dildo came out of her mouth with a loud pop. She trailed the plastic cock down between her breasts and down her stomach leaving a shining trail down to her pussy. She moaned loudly as she dragged it over her swollen clit. She wanted to just rub her aching clit and get off, but she kept going to the entrance to her pussy. The dildo was huge, about nine inches long and very wide, but she had no problem sliding it into her soaking wet cunt. She threw her head back again as the toy slid deep into her cunt. She slowly started to pull the large cock in and out of her pussy. Her breathing quickened, and her pussy juice dripped down to soak her asshole. She started fucking herself quicker, completely unaware of her surroundings. Her orgasm was coming nearer and nearer. Master, may I cum please? Cum, pet. She heard his voice and it sent her over the edge. Her body tightened and she screamed as her pussy cont

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