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  •   preteen rapetill he saw her eyes start to shine with tears before he let go. His attention had made her nipples hard, and they were even harder to keep concealed. He watched her struggle with it for a minute before he ordered her to leave it alone and go out to the car. She obediently turned to leave and he got wonderful view of her ass cheeks hanging out of the back of her skirt. Bend over a little, slut, he ordered. She stopped and leaned over showing him almost all her ass and her puffy pussy lips peeking out from between her thighs. She was shining with wetness. He reached between her legs to run his finger along her pussy. She shuddered and moaned at his touch. Laughing he brought his finger around to her mouth. Here slut, taste yourself, taste how ready you are for me and my friends. She moaned softly but took his finger into her warm moist mouth sucking off the juices. He lightly slapped her ass, signaling it was time to go. Walking to the car was a horrible experience. She was sure that preteen rape all of the neighbors were watching out of their widows as she walked to the car, struggling to cover herself. She had to practically run to keep up with him, almost tripping in her heels, which prevented her from keeping her clothes under control. Once in the car he started to talk to her about everyday things, like his day at work. She couldn“t concentrate on what he was saying though; she couldn“t get her mind off of where they were going and what she was going to be doing. Finally, they arrived at a nice house in one of the more upscale suburbs outside of town. By then she was horribly worked up, shaking and nearing panic once again. He leaned in towards her, grabbing her behind her head and pulling her close. She tensed up -- but when all he did was kiss her she soon melted into him, forgetting everything else. He rarely just kissed her. The kiss was warm and gentle, soothing her completely. When he lifted his head from her, her eyes were still closed and she was smiling. Thank yo
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    preteen rape u Master, she whispered. You“re welcome pet. Now let“s go. His words shook her back to reality, but she wasn“t nearly as panicked as before. This time walking to the front door, she was too distracted to worry about her clothes. She couldn“t imagine who lived here; she wanted to know how many men would be there, and how she would be expected to perform for them. Before knocking on the door, he pulled her leash out of his pocket and clipped it to her collar. Her collar was beautiful black leather with silver embroidery that read pathetic. It had been a gift to her the first time they had met. He grabbed hold of her leash and rang the doorbell. It took a few seconds before someone opened the door. She caught her breath, as she recognized the man ÷ he was Master“s boss, she had met him once at a company dinner. He shook hands with her Master, and then his eyes came to her, staring her up and down. She started to fidget under his intense scrutiny, and saw his eyes light up at the sight of

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