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  •   pictures of rapesure Unit*. Bots and Pleasure Bots were not illegal. They were incredibly expensive and most couldn“t afford them, but they weren“t illegal. However, Bots that looked like living persons were. Even Historical Bots were frowned upon by most. Humans didn“t like the overall idea of Bots being made to look like people who actually existed. The Historical Bot trade had been a fad for about eight months several years ago, but then slowed to a trickle and the large companies didn“t even make them any more. A law had been enacted shortly after the first skin jobs were perfected. It became illegal to make Human Units in the image of a living person with the intent to duplicate that person. There were a slew of other laws that were slated to go through concerning Bots at the same time, but they were all shelved when the public policed itself. The public was very excited about Pleasure Bots for a while, but all in all, they wanted human interaction. There were collectors certainly, and Pleasure pictures of rape Bot clubs. And there were a large amount owned privately throughout the world, but the bottom line was that most humans ultimately went back to humans for their sex. Jake shook his head then took out his palm device, Override Delta two two Omega. Command: Present your programs arm. The Bot obediently extended his right arm. Jake pushed up his sleeve, peeled back a section of skin, and opened the catch. He plugged the palm unit into the Programs file downloading all active programs of the Bot. As a second thought he also downloaded all visual recordings of the programs. It only took a few seconds. He pocketed his device and murmured, Override four six Delta Delta, Question: Why are you out of your dwelling? The Bot smiled and replied, I do the shopping at 11am every Tuesday. I must be at the freight elevator at 12:30 exactly to return undetected into the dwelling. Jake looked at his watch. The Bot didn“t have a lot of time. He nodded and murmured, Alpha code, six niner seven, you will
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    pictures of rape delete this conversation and meeting. You will dump it from your system at your regular cleaning cycle. Forget. The Bot blinked and then smiled, turned on its heel and walked out of the alley. Jake pulled out his palm device and encoded a message: Need all info and codes on Samantha Waterson, American Director, IEPA. He sent the encrypted message and wandered back to the cafť, stopping and buying a coffee this time, before looking for a taxi. III. Tuesday-4-17-74 Jake entered his spacious apartment tossing his coat on a chair. He entered his office, spoke a word into a panel on the wall and watched the room shift. An entire wall slid back and revealed his real base of operations. He moved to the desk in the hidden room and sat down at his secure terminal. He punched in an entrance code and waited. The screen flicked to a password screen and the machine“s female voice stated, Confirm retina scan. He leaned forward and looked into the small camera on the side of the device, a red light

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